About Us

The Road to Freedom is Paved With Warrior Souls


                                 OUR MISSIONS     
     We are a neutral non-territorial AMA military motorcycle club based in Ripley, WV. We are dedicated to our brothers and sisters in arms from all the services. Our mission is to help all military members no matter if they've been in for years or just joined the ranks. We ride in support of the veterans, their families and those who cannot. We are here to bring awareness to veterans rights, riders rights and rider safety. 

                              MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS
     Prospective members must either have a current military I.D. and be in good standings with their unit or a DD-214 with an Honorable Discharge. Once eligability is authenticated there is a probationary period where the prospective member can decide if we are right for them and we can decide if the prospect is right for us.
     During this period of time the prospective member will also learn proper biker ettiquette, and engrain themselves in our mission and our role in the community. 

                              MEANING OF OUR COLORS

  • The top and bottom rockers are our club name. Our
    ​bottom rocker does not have the name of a city or state because we claim no territory.
  • The eagle represents our strong ties to the military community where we began.
  • The representation of our nations flag under the eagle's outstretched wings shows we still stand behind our oath
    to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all threats, both foreign and domestic
  • The skull that the eagle is carrying represents those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. The eagle
    ​is seen carrying it to it's final resting place of honor.
  • The MMC stands for Military Motorcycle Club
  • The AMA at the bottom of our vests shows our affiliation with the American Motorcyclists Association.